Unique DVR Solution is Perfect for Small Spaces and Limited User Access.

Amityville, NY – June 1, 2012 —Speco Technologies, the leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions that deter crime, has been granted a patent from the USPTO, the US Patent and Trademark Office, for their Wall Mount DVR.

The newly patented DVR solution provides a covert strategy that limits onsite user access while maintaining the high standard of surveillance demands today.   The wall mount DVR is perfect for projects that require both versatility and functionality while tucked in a concealed device that fits easily in the smallest of spaces.   The unique, concealed design not only keeps thieves from stealing or destroying the DVR, it also helps deters employees from tampering or inadvertently changing settings on the DVR.

Speco Technologies’ Wall Mount DVR family offers a diverse set of features and functionalities based on the needs of the security application.   From the family of Speco’s RS DVR series, there are wall mount versions available that include standard multi-camera units, to ones with built in camera supply and/or a built in monitor.   Most recently, the WCS DVR joined the WRS series as an exciting new product introduction from Speco Technologies’ S-Series of DVRs.  The WCS DVR has the same covert appearance, yet features advanced analytics, such as museum search, and Digital Deterrent™ with 2-way audio.  The WCS features an intuitive and simple graphical user interface superior image quality, and with an optimized data compression of H.264, the WCS DVR is perfect for those who need an easy and quick installation and configuration setup.

As with all of the S-Series DVR’s, the WCS features EZNetwork.    This feature allows an installer to open a “Wizard” to walk through all of the steps for a successful connection to the internet. All steps are taken care of by the EZNetwork Wizard. The DVR will get an IP address, DDNS name and even use UPnP to port forward the router.

Remote viewing on iPhone®, Blackberry® or Droid is available after downloading  free apps available.  All of Speco’s Wall Mount DVRs come with a 3 year warranty.

For more information about the Wall Mount DVRs visit www.specotech.com

Speco Technologies is the leading manufacturer of unique video surveillance and audio products for commercial and residential applications. For more than 50 years, Speco Technologies has been committed to creating advanced technology solutions such as Digital Deterrent ™,  HDccTV over coax, IP Megapixel cameras, and remote access & control through handheld mobile devices. Speco Technologies also provides exceptional customer service, in depth product training, superior technical and marketing support and a generous product guarantee.  www.specotech.com

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