MA-Series 5.25" 70/25V Commercial
ABS Plastic Back Can Speakers, White Housing

Category: Inceiling

Speco Technologies’ Multi-Application Series was
designed to make the contractor’s work as easy
and time-efficient as possible.

Our all-in-one unit comes pre-assembled with back
can and mounted transformer. It features a quick-flip
70 or 25 Volt selector switch and an easy-select
transformer wattage dial. The choice of 8 or 9
individual wattage tap settings covers a complete
range of uses. This flame-retardant ABS unit also
comes with insulated wires, has an attached metal
seismic safety loop and built-in easy mount tabs
for securing the unit. The MA Series is the ideal,
all-purpose value speaker covering a wide range
of commercial applications.

The furnished 8 Ohm tap selector also means the
speakers can be kept on-hand for unexpected
residential installation needs.

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