Speco provides a simple and cost-effective migration strategy to IP - no added licensing fees with network cameras and no compromise with analog recording
channels and performance.  The ability to support megapixel IP cameras gives customers new flexibility in their IP migration path in a cost effective solution. 
For surveillance systems going IP, Hybrid DVRs are necessary for transition.  Users never lose their initial investments in analog and can opt for network
cameras as needed.  Other notable advantages of hybrid DVRs include:

    • • Compatibility with many brands of network cameras such as Speco, Arecont, Vivotek and Axis.
    • • Plug-and-play & easy installation with low equipment cost and electricity consumption are key selling 
    •   points for stand-alone hybrid DVRs.
    • • 2 way audio communication allows instant engagement with event detection.
    • • Remote monitoring and management allow users to receive real-time alerts and view playback
    •   via mobile devices.
    • • Storage is more scalable.
    • • More powerful video analytic features.
    • • HD and megapixel compatibility.
    • • Digital PTZ.

True Hybrid DVR Server with Intelligent Analytics

For a PC-based DVR, like Speco's PC16T, the differentiator is video analytics, such as
people counting, different kinds of detection 
tampering alarm and notification.  Video
analytics give meaning to an image.  With a hybrid solution, even an analog system can 
have that advantage.

  • Windows® XP Embedded PC Based Operating System
  • Digital Deterrent™ ready
  • True Hybrid DVR provides IP camera support on most popular brands including megapixel resolution
  • Supports up to 42 megapixels
  • H.264 Hardware compression
  • 480 fps total recording frame rate, configurable to divide across 16 channels
  • Supports POS integration

Hybrid DVRs with Full HD Display

Speco Technologies’ PS & GS DVRs are designed to bridge the technological division
by delivering hybrid IP and analog recording capabilities 
along with full HD display, 
feature-rich performance, extensive storage, display options and powerful
search capabilities.

  • Digital Deterrent™ ready
  • Built in S.M.A.R.T. Technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting, Technology for HDD)
  • Simultaneous live view/playback while continuing to record/ network transfer or backup
  • Multiple analytics such as museum search and advanced motion detection
  • Email notification of alarm events
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