SecureGuard® v2.6 update with Active Shooter Detection System, Real Time Event List, & Mass Alert Capabilities

  • Post published:January 2, 2019

Speco is excited to announce SecureGuard® v2.6 is available for download today!

Everything that you loved about SecureGuard® just got better with this latest update. This new version introduces integrations with today’s top active shooter detection systems. Be prepared to act in an active shooter situation with SecureGuard® and Guardian by Shooter Detection Systems. Combine the proven, zero fault Guardian’s gunshot detection system with SecureGuard®’s managed video and mass alerting capabilities to make every second count where lives are at stake. Guardian deploys sensors which detects audible and infrared technology to detect gunshots. SecureGuard® is also integrated with Shot Tracer’s Eagle AP sensors with patent pending technology that detect the concussion emissions of a gunshot. Combine gunshot technologies with SecureGuard®’s e-Map support, camera linking, pre/post alarm recording and SMS Alerts and be ready should the unimaginable happens. Contact your Speco sales representative to learn more about these gunshot detection technologies and SecureGuard®’s gunshot detection integrations.

The update also allows you to view alarms and events in real-time with SecureGuard®’s new productivity tool: Real-time Event List. Events are immediately displayed in the SecureGuard®’s Event Viewer tab as they happen. Color coded listing of events makes for quick and easy differentiation between motion, sensor and user triggered events. Reduce response time with direct video playback, bookmarking and acknowledgement capabilities. Don’t miss another important alarm!