Best Installation Practices

Configuration of camera and surrounding area

  1. Cameras must be installed in the area with stable and adequate light sources.
  2. The installation height ranges from 6.6ft(2.0m) to 11.5ft(3.5m), adjustable according to the focal-length of different lenses and object distances.
  3. Position the camera to have an angle of about 15° to the detection area. (a).
  4. The object distance depends on the focal-length of the lens mounted in the camera.
  5. For optimal face capture and recognition rate, the requirement for face capture are: left or right face turn angle is less than about 30°; pitching angle is less than 20°.
  6. Face illumination should have uniform brightness. If there are uneven bright spots or shadows, there will need to be supplemental illumination for optimal capture rate.
  7. When the scene is backlit, the camera’s BLC/HLC/WDR will need to be enabled or the foreground must be illuminated.