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On the recorder you can find the model number on the upper left-hand corner of the recorder. As shown in the pictures below. 


  1. The ports that need to be forwarded in the router depends on the recorder model.
  2. Speco Player app uses the Network video port and web port forwarded. (default network video port is 5445 and default webport 80)
  3. Speco Blue you would need the HTTP port forwarded (default webport is 80)
  4. Speco Gray P2P or Port 9000
  5. Speco One Port 37777
  2. Speco Blue- NRL, HRL,NRP,NRE,NR
  3. Speco Gray – JLA and JWA
  4. Speco One – NXP, NXL, NLA
  5. SecureGuard Client- SG Servers, IP Cameras, DS,HS,HT,HRL,NRL,NRP,NRE,HU,NLA,NS,NSF,NSL,NXL,NXP,RS,VS,VT,ZS,VX,NR

P2P works with the JLA, JWA, NXP, NRP, NRL, HRL and NRE recorders. You would go into the start menu, go to network, nat, and enable it. Then you scan the QR code with your phone app. You can view the cameras on the PC by going to  http://connect.specotech.cloud

You will go into the network setup page of the recorder, enable ddns. The status will come back successful when it registers.

You can view the recorders with the internet explorer web browser. You can also see the recorder with SecureGuard VMS and CMS software. With the VT and NS series, you can also view the recorder with Speco Tech Multi-Client software.

There are two ways to upgrade the recorder. The first step is downloading the current firmware from the Speco Tech website.

  1. Download the firmware to the USB flash, then go to the setup menu, go to system, click upgrade.
  2. You can upgrade via the web browser. For the step by step guide click here.

The O5K1 is the only camera compatible with the ZIPK8T2 (JLA Kit)

The IP camera ports only support one camera per port. The cameras would begin to switch off between the multiple cameras. If they are using a POE switch, they have to plug the switch into the Ethernet port, and the cameras will be on their local network.

On the D16HU, the first 7 channels support 4K at 15 frames per second. The 8th channel supports 4K at 7 frames per second. Channels 9 to 16 don’t support 4K TVI cameras. Channels 8 to 16 support 4MP cameras at 30 frames per second. On the D8HU, channels 1 to 4 support 4K at 15 frames per second.

If you are using the O4P30X on the NRP or NRL, you will need to power the O4P30X with a separate power supply. Not with the built-in POE ports. The O4P30X uses POE+, which the NRP and NRL ports support 802.3at. 

The N32NRE has 2 HDMI ports. The 1st HDMI is the primary monitor, and you have mouse control. The 2nd HDMI, you won’t see mouse control. It’s just a secondary view.

Yes, the Speco Access mobile app needs to have port 9000 forwarded in the router for you to access the doors remotely.