Speco's Solutions to protect your House of Worship

(HoW) are critical centers of the community, however that responsibility has unfortunately made them targets.

Some of the basic goals of an IP camera system in HoW are:

  • Active and passive protection for attendees and vehicles
  • Actively identify potential threats
  • Record possible crimes for evidence
  • Identify activity in and around buildings outside of expected operating hours

With new technologies, video systems can also:

  • Actively and audibly deter trespassers and persons with criminal intent – Speco Technologies has a patented technology called Digital Deterrent™ that enables an audio file to be played based on motion or other analytic activities. That file can be customized to whatever is needed to fit the application. For example, if there are cameras on a HoW’s dumpster because it’s often used as an illegal dumping site, a file can be loaded on to the recorder to say “Warning, you are under surveillance. This is private property and the dumpster is for the use of this facility only. This surveillance footage will be sent to the authorities.”
  • Identify strangers – While it’s true that a stranger is most likely just a friend you haven’t met yet, there are also strangers who have less proper intentions. With facial recognition technology built in to most Speco Technologies recorders, you can save a database of known faces, and if a face shows up that isn’t in that database, a notification can be sent to the proper personnel to alert to the presence of a stranger.
  • Integrate seamlessly with access control systems and also offer two-factor authentication – Speco Technologies manufactures a full line of Access Control products that will let you control who enters what portions of your HoW. It can be done on a schedule, as well, so that, for example, the sanctuary are open during service times, but locked outside of those hours. Sleeping quarters and other rooms can also have access controlled to authorized personnel.
  • Broadcast services in larger venues to other rooms or to larger screens for those in the back – Speco Technologies’ larger recorders have multiple HDMI outputs, so that if a camera was dedicated to showing the service, one output could be sent to a projector or large screen and displayed to aid those further from the front.

Did you know, you may be entitled to a FEMA grant towards security products and services to protect your house of worship?
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