Line Crossing
and Intrusion

Best Installation Practices

Configuration of camera and surrounding area

1. Auto-focusing function should not be enabled for line crossing detection.
2. Avoid the scenes with many trees or the scenes with various light changes (like many flashing headlights). The ambient brightness of the scenes shouldn’t be too low.

4. Position the camera to have an angle about 45° to the detection area. (a)

3. Cameras should be mounted at a height of 10ft or above. (H)

5. The detected objects/people should not be less than 1% of the entire image and the largest sizes of the detected objects/people should not be more than 1/8 of the entire image.

6. Make sure cameras can view objects/people for at least 2 seconds in the detected area for accurate detection.

7. Adequate light and clear scenery are crucial for line crossing detection.