Password Reset of Speco Products

This directive must be followed exclusively!

This will provide the highest level of security to protect the client/end-user and all concerned parties from unauthorized password resets and tampering.

The following must be implemented to start The Password Reset (TPR):

  1. SPECO TECHNOLOGIES Password Reset Form MUST be completed by all parties
  2. A picture ID of the party executing The Password Reset.
  3. Submissions by: Phone or Email are accepted. 
  4. Speco Technologies will generate a Trouble Ticket Number (TTN) and Verification of contact numbers, TTN and will be checked prior to TPR. 
  5. After all information is provided and verified, it can take up to 24 hours for the reset to be done


Resetting Passwords may cause/create undesired actions and/or results. Speco Technologies assumes NO responsibility on these issues or any other issues and/or changes that may result on the password reset procedures’.

Security Identification and event Procedures:

Owner/End User: if the Owner/End-user lost the password, they must contact their Installation Company and/or their Authorized dealer and fill out the: Password Reset Request form to start the password reset procedures. The Installation Company/Authorized Dealer will verify the client and device to be reset.

Installation Company:

If the Installation Company lost and/or is verifying the Client (Owner/End-user) (mentioned above), and the device, The Installation Company should complete the form contact their distributor for a Trouble Ticket Number and the daily password.


After verification of the Installation Company/Reseller and/or Owner/End-user, the Distributor should complete the form and communicate this information to SPECO TECHNOLOGIES via Fax, Email, Form Submission or Phone. A Trouble Ticket Number for the password reset procedures:

The following devices can be reset if it is not found in the user manual and/or without sending the device into SPECO TECHNOLOGIES for The Password Reset:

TN Series DVR, CMS
PCPro Series DVR, CMPC
InPro Camera series
SIP camera Series
Legacy: DVRs Q4, IP4CF, Q16, X4IP, T4IP, 16IP, T16IP