SecureGuard® Bridge

The Ultimate Cloud Experience


With the SGBRIDGE, the only thing that grows is your scalability and data retention.

Leverage the bridge’s SecureGuard VMS software to bring all Speco devices to our powerful SpecoCloud platform and view your channels anywhere on any web browser and smartphone.

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Bring your Speco DVR, NVR, Hybrid DVR channels, or IP Camera sites to the Speco Cloud!

Multi-Playback View

Focus on one channel at a time or bring in multiple channels from all your Bridges in the field.

Playback Interface

Easily play back footage stored in the cloud.

Motion Explorer Interface

Streamline your playback search using Motion Explorer which will isolate the motion events captured during recording.

Add redundancy to your existing recorder’s internal storage

By sending your recorder’s most essential channels to the Speco Cloud, you diversify and increase your data retention.

Conveniently view your SGBRIDGE Channels without installing any software

Available for iOS
and Android

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