Manage your Customer’s Sites Remotely
with Speco’s SecureGuard® Dashboard!

Our brand new Central Management Dashboard allows you to maintain control over your installed applications remotely, reducing the amount of truck rolls to your individual sites!  

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The Central Dashboard connects you to an unlimited number of customer sites for real-time management and communication.

Conveniently view the health status of your systems remotely for all installs setup with SecureGuard® Dashboard.
Configure hardware and analytics remotely.

Increase your monthly revenue by charging to remotely manage and maintain each location without the need to roll a truck.

Utilize encrypted, QR Code-based network connections via Mobile App for field Installations.

Change the passwords for all users remotely without having to leave the SecureGuard® Dashboard. Change the password of a user for a single site, or multiple site deployment with ease.

Distribute account access and dashboard responsibilities by creating dashboard users.

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