This Is What Ties All
Speco Products Together.

Built By Security Professionals For Security Professionals

SecureGuard and SecureGuard video servers are built and engineered in the USA and by a company with 60 years of video and audio security equipment experience. Speco Technologies business is to know what our customers need and we develop products that not only manage video and audio, but also effective solutions for combating today’s problems. 

Prevent and Deter

Mistakes costs lives and money. Crime and violence evolves and so must you. It’s no longer how useful video is after the fact, but how effective it is in prevention and deterrence. SecureGuard integrates cutting edge technology from leaders in all facet of public security and safety in order to innovate tools to help you overcome these challenges.

Reliable Video When And Where You Need It​

Investing in a video management system is a commitment of time, money and resources. For those reasons, the system must perform reliably and video must be available whenever, wherever you need it. SecureGuard quality is assured with thousands of man hours of testing and burn-ins in addition to thousands of customer installations.

SecureGuard® System Solution

Centralize and manage video using SecureGuard suite of tools designed to allow you to act upon an incident quickly. From locally recorded video to cloud-based video, rest assured you will have vital video for review one way or another in the event of a catastrophe. Speco believes in being prepared for every situation and the more redundancies and contingencies we can build into SecureGuard the better it is for our customers.

Powerful and Affordable

The features are endless but not the cost. No other solution offers all the features and benefits of SecureGuard 100% free. Unlike other VMS in the market, your investment will not be a money pit with license renewal fees year after year. With Speco, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your ROI is never out of site.

SecureGuard® Video Management Software

Designed for medium, large and enterprise size installations, SecureGuard VMS is Speco’s flagship software and delivers exceptional performance and capabilities to meet all your monitoring challenges. The VMS manages all aspect of video from real-time monitoring and recording to incident tracking and video forensics. The VMS’s client/server-based architecture makes it the perfect workhorse for 24/7 operational facility where every second counts when responding to call.

SecureGuard® Servers

Speco offers fully scalable, industrial rated servers to meet the growing demands of your business’ surveillance needs. Our servers boast a powerful Intel Xeon processor, 16GB of RAM and a high quality graphics card with hardware acceleration. The servers can be configured for RAID level 5 or 6, with a storage capacity of up to 384TB. We’ve also simplified the surveillance management process by pre-loading our dynamic VMS software on all SecureGuard® Servers, which means easy setup, reliability, and complete security.

SecureGuard® Central Management Software

The SecureGuard CMS is a light weight software designed for smaller sites that only need to centralize video across multiple sites. When your only need is to monitor, playback recorded video and export video clips, the SecureGuard CMS is the right tool for you.

SecureGuard® Client App (iPhone, iPad, Android)

The SecureGuard Client App is available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. The client app allows you to view live video and play back recorded video on the go. The app is free to download and use when connecting to Speco devices. SecureGuard solutions are comprehensive and thoughtfully designed for ease of use. Quickly set up your devices and be connected to your video 24/7.

SecureGuard® Client App
(Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV)

Just more benefits from Speco. We created SecureGuard client apps for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, two of the most popular in-home media players from two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. These home entertainment devices allow you to view your security cameras then resume your favorite shows with ease. Use these devices also as a quick and easy spot monitors solution for smaller sites and forgo complicated wirings.

SecureGuard® (iPhone, iPad)

Ever wish your field technicians can video chat with your service centers and record the communication at the same time? Speco created the SecureGuard Streamer for this purpose. This app turns your iPhone or iPad into a Speco IP camera that can be an invaluable tool for remote troubleshooting. Get more from your smartphone investment by turning it into a body cam.