Speco Logo Usage

Speco Technologies reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the Speco Technologies logo at any time if the use of the logo is inconsistent with these guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Speco Technologies.

By downloading the "Speco Technologies Logo Package 2021" the user agrees to adhere to all brand guidelines on this page.

Clear Zone

To optimize logo recognition, a minimum clear zone from type and other distracting graphic elements should be maintained. The height of the logotype, “X” is the unit measure we use to determine the Clear Zone.

Minimum Size

The logo should never be reduced to a size smaller than 1.25”. Reducing the logo below this size will cause the type to fill in or become too fine.



Do not use a stroke around logo


Do not gradient the swoosh. This attribute is no longer current. Logo should always be solid.

Drop Shadow

Do not use a drop shadow with the blue or black logo.


Do not alter proportions
on logo.